Schriftenreihe soziale Strafrechtspflege  - Band 2
"Restorative Justice: A Victim Perspective and Issues of Co-operation", Kiel, September 2012


  1. Prologue, Ricarda Lummer

  2. Tallinn Conference
  3. Restorative Justice as an appropriate reaction in penal proceedings?, Jana Bewersdorff
  4. Justice: Found & Lost, Jim Hilborn
  5. Victim Needs and Coping Strategies of Victims,Otmar Hagemann
  6. Victim Support in Germany,Mario Nahrwold
  7. Victim Support in Hungary, Zsófia Tóth
  8. Friedenszirkel, ein wiederentdecktes Verfahren zur Konfliktbewältigung, Isabel Thoß and Elmar Weitekamp

  9. Oxford Conference
  10. Open and Welcome, Crispin Blunt
  11. Restorative Justice – A Victim’s Perspective, Sari Stacey
  12. Making Justice Systems More Restorative – A View From The Bench, Lawrence Kershen QC
  13. Making Justice Systems More Restorative – Bringing Agencies Together – An Example From Germany, Jo Tein
  14. Making Justice Systems More Restorative – Perspectives from Probation in Europe, Leo Tigges
  15. RJ and Links with Civil Society, Pete Wallis
  16. Restorative Justice and Problem-Solving, Belinda Hopkins
  17. What a Difference a Year Makes, Geoff Emerson
  18. Restorative Justice with Youth in the Community in New Zealand, Allan MacRae
  19. Contributors
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